AMT Pavilionsfeimafe 2011

Exhibitors in the AMT/USA Pavilion

Acme Manufacturing Co.
Booth: M-28
Contact: Mr. Joseph T. Saad
Phone: 248-393-4208

ATI Industrial Automation
Booth: M-18
Contact: Mr. Charles Haines
Phone: 919-772-0115

AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Booth: R-90
Contact: Mr. Bill Herman
Phone: 703-827-5282

Drake Manufacturing Services Co.
Booth: N-15
Contact: Ms. Nancy L. Halliday
Phone: 330-847-7291

Eitel Presses, Inc.
Booth: M-8
Contact: Mr. Phil Simonpietri
Phone: 847-610-6906

ExOne - The Ex One Company, LLC
Booth: N-3
Contact: Mr. Michael E. Shepherd
Phone: 724-516-2062

Firetrace International
Booth: M-6
Contact: Ms. Stephanie Vogel
Phone: 480-607-1218

Fives Cinetic - Cinetic Landis Corp.
Booth: M-12
Contact: Ms. Lola Gibson
Phone: 440-709-0748

Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Inc.
Booth: M-4
Contact: Mr. William Jones
Phone: 856-468-0216 ext. 118

Hardinge Inc.
Booth: N-29
Contact: Mr. Robert A. Seach
Phone: 0041 (0) 32 344 11 52

Booth: N-11
Contact: Ms. Colleen Johnson
Phone: 847-885-5110

Lyndex-Nikken Inc.
Booth: N-9
Contact: Mr. Hiro Kashiwakura
Phone: 847-367-4800

Mayfran International
Booth: N-25
Contact: Mr. Bernard Goldstein
Phone: 440-725-6596

MTAB Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Booth: M-2
Contact: Ms. Arthi Sairaman
Phone: 425-922-5170

OMAX Corporation
Booth: M-14
Contact: Ms. Leticia Tais Pruner
Phone: 55 47 3121 5013

Peter Wolters of America Inc.
Booth: M-22
Contact: Ms. Valerie Catberro
Phone: 847-803-3200

SCHMIDT Technology Corporation
Booth: M-10
Contact: Mr. Robert Tichauer
Phone: 724-272-2273

SGS Tool Company
Booth: N-27
Contact: Mr. Sergio E. Rios
Phone: 330-686-4162

The Modal Shop, Inc.
Booth: M-2A
Contact: Ms. Melissa Manke
Phone: 55 11 5501 5300

Transor Filter USA
Booth: N-21
Contact: Mr. Irvin L. Kaage, III
Phone: 847-640-0273



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